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It is all too easy nowadays to blindly swallow anything and everything the media chooses to feed us. This then springs forth people forming opinions not necessarily based upon any truthful foundation or with any logical thought or evidence behind it.

You were all rushing at lightning speed to express your sorrow at Peaches’ passing when it occurred, despite the fact for most, you didn’t know anything about her other than media fodder fed to you, yet, as is the case nowadays, the bandwagon had arrived to be pounced on.

Now heroin has been brought into the mix, you all want to turn your backs, recall your ‘respectful’ wishes and throw her off the pedestal. You speak as if you are now on the pedestal and she is some worthless druggie who doesn’t deserve respect.

As sad as it also was, when Amy passed, regardless of her strife and struggles in life, she was hailed a hero, an amazing voice of our generation who’d be sadly missed. Somehow you want to deny Peaches of this.

Regardless of your opinion, the facts are, you weren’t involved so why would your hate spewing or downright rude comments need to even be uttered, never mind posted online where it will only fuel other narrow minded bias? You don’t know her or know what may have been going on inside her head.

She may have had inner problems your small mind can’t comprehend. Instead of breeding ill-feeling and disrespect, consider her surviving family, her husband, her beautiful sons and what they have lost.

Her story is a tragic one and something that should be left with the family to start to slowly heal from. You’re not perfect, none of you, so please stop these futile attempts at being the next social commentator, get off your pedestal and get back to your clearly unfulfilled life.